Can Facebook Timeline beat Twitter’s Timeline?

Facebook has been challenged by so many other networking sites around and that makes it bring about a horrendous amount of changes in its own interface and other areas. Another such big development for Facebook is the new timeline being introduced.

Many people seem to find it difficult to activate the New Facebook Timeline which is why i decided to help a lot of my friends in doing that and after i did it for about 4-5 people i thought why not just help all of you with it. So here i am describing the complete process of activating your own facebook timeline.

Step I: Go to

After you go to this screen, click the green colored Get Started button you can see.  After you that:

Step II: Click on dev app on this page like this:

Step III: Click Allow to Grant Access to Facebook

Step IV: Click on Create a New App as shown in the image below

After you have clicked on the button for Creating a New App, enter any “App Display Name” and “App Namespace” in the pop window that appears. Complete the verification process to reach to a screen that looks like this:

After you reach here, just as the image shows, Click on “Open Graph” menu item on the left hand side.

Step V: After you reach the Open graph page you have to insert a few details as shown below:

P.S : Make sure you enter the exact content as shown in the image. Which means the first text box should have “read” and second should have “book”. After entering this press the green colored “Get Started” button just next to it to reach to the next screen.

After you reach to this page just do as the special remark on the image says.  Change the “read” for Past Tense as “redd”.

P.S : Do not make any other changes otherwise you might land up without a timeline and all efforts in vain.

Step VI: Next Click “Save Changes & Next” button at the bottom of page and reach the next page where without making any changes just click “Save Changes & Next” button at the bottom. When you reach the next page do not make any changes and rather click “Save & Finish” button.

Step VII: Go back to your Facebook Home screen where an invitation to start your timeline would be waiting on top of your page. All you got to do is click “yes” and you would have your timeline.

It is that simple and easy. All you got to do is keep following the steps one by one.

Hope all of you get one very soon. Till then stay connected and keep reading.

Adios Amigos!

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Vodafone goes Not-So-Happy-To-Help

Are you one of those who after maintaining a few thousand fans on Facebook Page think that the Social Media works on your directions???? Think Again after reading this…

Big Brands

Vodafone which is one of the Biggest Telecom Brand in India with about 127,364,342 subscribers has been managing the subscriber base pretty well all across the nation. It gives tough competition to some of the other top-of-the-notch brands in the field like Airtel, Aircel, Idea & other telecom networks offering same kind of services.

False Promises

Can you imagine a company/brand like vodafone offering false promises in the name of 3G Services??? Yes, a recent incident with Vodafone where Dhaval Walia, a Mumbaikar switched to Vodafone India on April 15 where he was informed that Kandivili, the area where he lived, had 3G services available which he realized later on that it was not true.

Dhaval fought against the false Service Level Agreement  for about one month during which the Vodafoen India team was ot ready to accept that they had promised something which they could not deliver in the specific area. After an entire one month of the tussle, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Vodafone India accepted that in Mumbai only half of Cell Sites are 3G. Even after this, the top management with utter attitude had the audacity ti ask the customer to switch to another operator if not happy with services.

Dhaval decided to stay with Vodafone and give grief to them till them he received the promised SLAs. Ultimately the company had to offer him Free 3G services for 2 months worth Rs. 2500

All is Not Well

The brand forgot about the most important aspect of Social Media which is that its neither restricted nor can be. Even after knowing that negativity is spreading across, the brand did not try to take care of customer grievances rather tried to ignore them & caused further grief to Dhaval Walia.

The brands need to leverage these social media tools like Facebook, Twitter etc. to reach out to their customers rather than turning their face on them & avoid helping them. Vodafone could have easily banked upon this customer to be a brand loyal advocate by simply helping him in his first complaint rather than making him run around the bush but they did something that couldn’t have worked.

Finally,  we all learn from this that no matter how big or huge the brand is, what matters is that in the end of it all, Customer is the King & it remains this way. It can never happen that a brand tries to forcefully make the customer do what they want. Social Media is acting as another tool these days for the customers to reach out to masses with their thoughts & opinions.

Don’t take Social Media for granted. It may just fire back.

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Can you market your Deathbed??????

If you believe that this is another of my insane jokes and planning not to read ahead then let me warn you that you are going to miss on some of the hottest facts from around the world. Yes, a son after the death of her mother was pretty confused as to what to write on his mother’s grave and landed up getting  a QR Code being inscribed on her grave.

Try this QR Code using your QR Code Reader

When Yoav Medan’s mother Judith died he planned to create a memorial website in memory of his dear Mother. He turned to technology to do this as he wanted something dynamic and evolving rather than just writing some words on his mother’s tombstone which could not be changed.

He even plans to add stories from his mother’s life and her pictures to the website to keep her memories alive in all those hearts that loved Judith.

In my opinion this is the coolest way of giving a digital tribute to your loved ones because it is rightly said that all things come to an end but how they do come to an end is what matters. Guess im going to go build a website and QR code on myself to place it on my tombstone…. till then keep reading….

Adios people… Take Care

Gizmo (Man)ia………………………………………..

Have you got an i-phone???? Hey is that an android???? If you have also heard these questions around you in day-to-day life then we are from the same century… All the freak about technology, about these gadgets in market is not just a bubble but actually a flip book where before you are able to adopt one technology the other one pops out. Amidst these gadget freaky poeple i tend to loose out sometimes. I might just sound outdated to a few of my blogger friends but the gadgets that i own include my cellphone, my mp3 player, a Casio digital diary (yes, the ones which don’t know how many of you used in the past) and a desktop computer which is like 5 years old now whereas gadgets i dream to own are a business phone (Blackberry for sure man), laptop/tablet (Not just for Dell but dying to have one coz many times i just cant sit on my desktop and blog) and an I-Phone for sure………..

Many people call me outdated, or over conscious but deep in my heart it is Brand Loyalty. My i-pod (just exaggerating its a mp3 player) is from a japanese company which is about 5 years old and has got songs right from 70’s era till today’s time. It not just serves me as an entertainment factor but has become a part of my routine. Deep in my thoughts i do think that im being over dependent on gadgets and stuff but then more then dependence its necessity. Thus, i believe my mp3 player to reflect my personality traits and be dependable enough for me.

My cellphone (which was upgraded last year) is a touch screen model (no names because i don’t wanna publicize any brand without being paid for it) which i am stuck to whole day. My boss is irritated of it, my parents hate it and my girl friend is jealous of it. Be it text, calling or socializing i take my phone for granted for the same and use it throughout. It completely reflects me in it as my friends say my personality is caring and one who supports you in all your problems.

My Casio digital diary and desktop see me as their regular visitors as very often when im bored of my cellphone i try browsing my diary or sit on my desktop to check if its running fine or not (joking, im writing this blog post on my desktop)…..

My gadgets, over the past number of years, seems to have adapted as per me and have something in common of me. I guess commenting on the similarities between me and my gadgets would be something like questioning the God’s gravitational force (sorry couldn’t think of something relevant lolz) but in case Dell wants me to do so then all in all to tell about me and my gadgets i would just say that ” My gadgets are Just Mine and I am completely Theirs


That’s it for now readers………………….. See you soon with my new post on anything that thrills me, interests me or simply bugs me….


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Can Google Make It up……….

The big hype about the launch of Google+ has definitely left Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) in sleepless nights but even if this venture goes away smoothly what about the financials stuck in projects like Google Street View where Google was hardly able to get access to the street s of Bangalore and was stopped by the Bangalore Police to stop running on the roads and taking pictures……

Bangalore police states that they have taken this step keeping in mind the security issue for the country and that some people can use it as a wrong means to access information….. Not only this but Google had been facing such issues pan globe in places like Europe where Google has not been permitted to take picture to spread the service. Also in France, regulators fined Google an amount of about  €100,000 ($142,000) for collecting private data over encrypted Wi-Fi networks…..

Switzerland also came as a roadblock for Google Street where the authorities asked Google to make pictures unrecognizable for optimum security reasons……

Can Google make it above these hindrances to make Google Street View a successful app?????


Guess it gonna wait for some more time now…..


Adios readers…………

A Broken Relationship or Friendship, Try & Do Best The Next Time Out

Love, Friendship and Reuniting

Now if you guys have started thinking that i have shifted my focus from film making to some stuff like Love gurus do then im sorry to disappoint you. I am still talking about films because that is what i live for and this time its the much talked about film ZNMD. Yes, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara  which is directed byZoya Akhtar and is already being praised a lot by fan world. The casting seems to be amazing but can the film blow-off the Box Office is what the question is.

In a special interview with TOI, Farhan, who is a part of the cast of the film talks about various imminent details of the upcoming flick right from where the actual cast was planned to be Imran Khan, Farhan Akhtar and our very own chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor but when things didnt work out it turned out the way it is. He also shared how the cast decided to hang out together and get friendly before the shoot for the film began by going cycling and scuba diving. Now, for all those laides who are dying to see Hrithik Roshan in those trunks while scuba diving will have to wait <Alas!>

Not Fussy

Moving on Farhan also talked about his dressing sense and he not being fussy about clothes he wear. He also talked about how the film ZNMD is all about having fun with friends around you and that just like other artists if his films do not do good he also feels bad on acount of so much efforts spent on the venture.

But with that i guess Farhan should keep his fingers crossed for the flick because its his antidote for the trauma he suffered after his last flick ‘Kartik Calling Kartik’ did miserable on the Box Office making him hide his face for quite some time now….

Thats it for now.

Adios readers Cya soon…………………………………………

Sorbid Truthology…….


Unfortunately, yes our very own Delhi University has done it again…. Its not about ragging, eve-teasing, reservation but direct link with someone’s dream.


Think about your Dad purchasing a beautiful car which you have been longing to have for over an year. He presents to you, gives you the keys, asks you to go take a drive but by the time you reach the car is gone. Aren’t you HEARTBROKEN???

This example i took might just be very small to what Delhi University has done to someone who needed support more than advices and suggestions. Manish Arora, a physically disabled student who was assured a seat in Delhi University. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Delhi University denied him a seat in a course like B.A (Hons.) stating an excuse as lame as that he will not be able to bear the exertion involved during the second year of the course.

Can you even imagine how bad he would have felt and more than that he might have lost all hope…


What is exactly the basis of our education system? isn’t it to build good and responsible citizens for our society or is it just cramming up people with impractical knowledge that fetches them completely nothing. Is it required for every individual to be alike to be a part of education system or is it that Delhi University wants to imply that physically disabled people have no right to be educated??? I need an answer, We need an answer, Our Society needs an answer….

Maybe its high time our education system is set right to yield right kind of masses into the country………………..



Think about it and like it if you want to help Manish Arora. Lets call this a revolution………………………….


Adios readers.

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